Old West Game Rules

The Game

Old West is a 5 reel slot machine game including a bonus round..  During standard game play, the objective is to achieve winning combinations of icons on the 20 selectable lines. In the bonus round, you must successfully shoot targets.

How To Play

Select the number of coins you wish to bet on each payline (default = 1), and the number of paylines on which to bet (default = 20), via the Coins and Payline fields using a method below;

Use the up and down arrows beside the fields

Use the Min and Max buttons beside the fields

To select individual paylines, use the numbered buttons located beside the reel display, corresponding to each payline

Note: To see payline illustrations, hover over the numbered buttons.

Select your stake value either using the up and down arrows in the Stake field, or by typing the amount into the Stake field and pressing Enter or clicking on a blank area of the game screen. The Stake amount shown is the stake you are placing on a single coin on a single payline.

Note: The default Stake varies by currency. In this Pounds Sterling example it is £1.00. The Stake amount must be within the minimum and maximum bet amounts. If you enter a Stake larger than the maximum Stake allowed and press Enter, the Stake reduces automatically. If your balance is more than the maximum Stake, the Stake drops to the maximum Stake value. If your balance is less than the maximum Stake, the Stake drops to your balance. If you enter a Stake smaller than the minimum Stake allowed and press Enter, the Stake changes automatically to the minimum Stake value but if your available balance is less than the minimum Stake, you cannot place the bet.

The Total Stake field shows the total amount that will be bet on a single reel spin, calculated using Coins x Payline x Stake.

The Auto Play field allows consecutive reel spins. The default for this field is 1. To spin once, set this field to 1. To specify consecutive spins, use the control beside the Auto Play field, or type the required number into the field. The total currency amount that will be removed from your available balance (assuming Auto Play is not stopped) is the Total Stake amount multiplied by the number of Auto Plays selected.

Click on the Spin button to place your bet. The Total Stake amount will be removed from your available balance and the reels will spin once.

Once the spin is complete, if you specified consecutive spins using Auto Play, your next bet will be placed and the Total Stake amount will again be removed from your available balance. This will continue until the specified number of Auto Plays have been actioned or Auto Play is stopped (see ‘Stop Auto Play’).

Quick Bets

To place bets quickly, press the Space Bar. Bets will be placed using the values in the Coins, Payline and Stake fields. The Auto Play field will determine the number of spins actioned.

Winning Bets

A winning bet occurs when you achieve a winning combination of icons (see ‘Lines & Payouts’). The relevant winning line is animated, and the win amount is displayed.

Lines & Payouts

To win, you must achieve a winning number of icons on a standard payline on which you have bet, or 2 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the display. The monetary payout for each individual payline is calculated by multiplying Coins x Stake x the odds payout value for the appropriate number of matched icons. The monetary payout for scatter wins is calculated by multiplying Total Stake x the odds payout value. If there are multiple wins, the single win amounts are combined.  Scatter wins are added to payline wins. A ‘Push’ is a payout of the Stake multiplied by the Coins value.

If more than one Wild symbol appear in a win line followed by a Scatter icon, the Wild icons will substitute for the highest standard icon value possible.

The icon that has been deemed to be the Scatter symbol shows the word SCATTER on it. If you achieve 3 or more Scatter symbols, the bonus round will begin. Scatter wins, calculated as the Total Stake x the odds payout value, are added to payline wins.

In the bonus round, each target hides an individual win multiplier eg ‘x 1’. The minimum bonus win multiplier amount is 0.5. The maximum bonus win multiplier amount is 4. The win amount for each target will be your Total Stake x the individual win multiplier. On completion of the bonus round, individual win amounts are combined to give your total bonus win amount.